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hi lj [26 Jun 2007|11:53pm]
[ mood | bored ]


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hmmm [14 Oct 2006|02:43am]
[ mood | energetic ]

i got a bunch of things on my mind but a part of me seems to not care..it's like i don't care what happens anymore. It's this "fuck it" feeling. But part of me still wants to care =\

Weekends have been nice so far. One weekend i went to seaworld and it was for my birthday and it was the best ^^ Never been to seaworld but the first time was too good ^^ I love sea animals <3 I got to see shamu for the first time, fed dolphins, fed sea lions, saw shows, tried to pet sting rays, ate next to sea turtles, picked up star fish, saw my favorite animal...mr. polar bear (all three of them were sleeping and i was kinda pissed =(...) therefore, my favorite animal now is the beluga(sp) whale. They are gorgeous animals <3 and i got the a beluga plushie and i sleep with it every night now ^^ hehe i love it...it's too soft.

blah...going home.....next post in the next few months lol
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cooooooooooooookie ^^ [14 Aug 2006|11:42pm]
[ mood | rushed ]

so i finally made black n' white cookies ^^ i hope the taste good ::crosses fingers:: or else david's gonna throw them in my face and on the ground XP

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i was pissed i didn't have any pretty plates to put it on and have a cup of coffee in the picture =( but i'm in a hurry!!! lol

yay for cookies! ^^ hehe
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time for stuff ^^ [20 Jun 2006|03:10pm]
[ mood | working ]

i haven't written anything in here for a while :P hehe Nothing is new except for the fact that schools out! hooray! Time to work my ass off so i can pay off the miles off the car! YAY! :*( ::sigh:: this car is like the devil cause it's causing me so many problems with family. All the car does most of the time is just sit there. I get to use my mom's car sometimes to go to work, which is nice :) Then my brother's car breaks down and he wants to use my car to go to work. You'd call you're sister to use her car before asking you're wife? wtf?! psh! I mean c'mon! i leave the car at home so i doesn't get any miles and you're asking me if you can use it? OMG! i dunno...just ranting 'bout a recent argument. Jason washed my car for me recently as well and found a lot of sap on the car from the damn newly cut trees on the street :( THERE'S JUST A TON!!! :( and he found a dent in the hood of the car as well! MY GOSH! :( and i was thinking it was possibly from driving on the freeway and some ass rock hit the car ::sighs:: stupid freeway :( what a mess. So here's the new plan: my mom and i were thinking of returning the car early and get the penalty of returning it early. All i know is that after the 3 year lease there is going to be a grip of miles on the car and i'm gonna owe a shit load of money and that's not cool! If we were going to return the car was thinking of getting an auctioned car again <3 So i can fix it up and put any decal on the car, any stereo system i want, change the interior and do whatever the fuck i want with it. Cause right now with the lease i can't change a thing! :( Blah! all i do is complain about my car ::sighs:: I like it! It's just the fact that i'm going to pay money in the end after pay a grip now!..:(

In other news, ::shrugs:: hehe Sunday was father's day and i went to visit my dad <3 This time i found it like that <3 The last few times sucked because i was just lost hehe But everytime i go there's always a problem. This time i went, i guess, there were people there before me and left flowers. They dug a small hole because i guess the grass just grew over the hole where you can put water and flowers in :( They did an okay job but there wasn't room for my roses :( so with the bag i had, i put my hand in the there and just started digging a bigger hole :P and it was hot :( hehe It's scary when i was doing it cause i felt in a way like i was trying to dig my dad's grave up with my bare hands o.o weird :P But i eventually got a hole done okay and put some water and the flowers in the hole :) I hung out there with him. My brother was suppose to go with me but i kind of wanted to do it myself...just something i want to do alone ::shrugs:: After that Jason was coming back to celebrate father's day with his dad and he called me while i was at the cemetary and asked if i wanted any Rally's burgers <3 OMG! seriously those are damn good burgers <3 No joke! At first i had them and i was like eh it's okay. When Jason brought me back one that day <3333 It was soooo YUMMY <3 lol That place is too good ^^ hehe Anyway, later that night was interesting ^^ Went with Andy and Jon to Fridays >.> First time alone with the two hehe We went cause it was happy hour :) It was fun! i like hanging out with guys <3 hehe Of course they were talking sports most of the time lol But it was fine ^^ Good times hehe ^^

Last night i went to go see Nacho Libre with Jason ^^ It was funny hehe If you like Jack Black movies then you'll like this one cause it's like his other ones ::shrugs:: It's just sounds hilarious because he talks mexican like in the movie but trying to throw in his personality with his shit...it's funny :P After the movies he went back to Anahiem :( ::tear:: But i called up Jon cause i knew Marissa and Kent were back so we were all gonna hang out. And we did! It was Andy, Jon, Kent, Marissa and I ^^ That was nice :) We played outburst junior! I like that game hehe and did other stuff among other things o.o.......:P

oooooo...last week was a bore! BUT! i was able to go to the GYM 5 days in a row ^^ Yeah! i was excited about that <3 hehe tues-sat i went ^^ Those days were like: Go to work, come home and do something like go grocery shopping, or eat, or do nothing and then about 12am or 1am i'd go to the gym. Go for 'bout an hour or so ish, come home, shower with white strips :D and then watch a tiny bit of TV and then sleep. Then the same thing over again the next day x_x hehe EXCITED :P

OH MAN! i was coming home from the GYM the other day and right when i turned on Encino i saw this very suspicious grayish/charcoal Silverado parked on the street. Before i turned his foot was on the breaks but then when i got onto the street he let go of his breaks to pretend he wasn't there. His light inside his car was on and there was only one person in the car that i saw and he was some white dude. So i decided to loop around to see if he was still there and he was! Then i wanted to call the cops and complain about him being all suspicious! I SHOULD HAVE! cause that the guy that probably fucked up marissa's car when her car was parked on my street! FUCK! I eventually parked my mom's car at home and i waited outside for a while if he would drive down the street. He didn't but he did leave and i saw him leave......GRRRR!!! FUCKIN' SILVERADO!

On Saturday i guess my 8th aunt was here from vietnam and is going to stay here cause she's been sponsored or something? hehe So Saturday we went to this place called Moon Buffet for dinner with the entire family from my dad's side x_x hehe It was nice hehe They're food.......ehhh hehe :p It was good seeing the family i guess ::shrugs:: hehe Some of them i liked to see....others...didn't prefer to but had to ::shrugs:: After dinner one of my cousin's was makin' fun of me cause i was fat ::sighs:: He's been an asshole since he was born. My favorite uncle was telling him to stop <3 ......whatever. But that did piss me off. I wanted to punch him ^^ He just has no idea....I wanna say other stuff here but i shouldn't

Anyway, i need new shoes :( I can possibly get them when we're off for warped tour! OUTLETS!! <3 hehe I asked for a week off in July for warped tour, even though it'll only last for 3 of the 7 days i asked off hehe ^^ YAY!

I'm working....should be gettin' back to it >.> hehe for now.....

bye. <3
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Marissa and I at WORK! teehee ^^ [16 Mar 2006|10:51pm]
[ mood | cold ]

So here's marissa and i at work on fridays. I don't think marissa likes to work
Image hosting by Photobucket
She starts out working...but then OH NO!!Collapse )
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MY GOSH! i have updated in forever. [08 Mar 2006|04:24pm]
[ mood | working ]

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school x_x [30 Jan 2006|11:30pm]
[ mood | cold ]

woke up this morning and my mom took me to school =P i need to buy my parking pass x_x but it's nice not having to worry about parking ^^ Anyway, first class 10am - Music History basically. Seems alright >.> We have to write a term paper x_x and pop quizes >.< scary :( Second class Musicianship skills 2 seems okay too :) It's nice to see the people from last semester cause then i know people now and i have friends! =P heehee Tomorrow's gonna be something interesting because i start at 9:30-10:45am and then my next class isn't until 4:20pm x_x Good God! heehee And then i heard wendi talking about how you couldn't take a class that was 400 unless you took the writing exam...so i'm like wtf in my head x_x Hopefully it's not true....BLAH! scary stupid mother fuckin' blah blah blah :(

After school i went with my mom and auntie to get some lunch ^^ For the first time >.> they were together and i was there too heehee it was nice ^^ I had Pho ^^ After that i got dropped off home and went to work x_x bllaaah long day :( no fun...except for lunch and the stories ^^ heehee

Then bought a salad at quiznos for my mom,went home, went grocery shopping ^^ shower..home....


But it felt nice to come home early from work...i got home around 6ish ^^ yay!

Now for the big day tomorrow....=( ::sighs::
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oh jon! lolol [19 Jan 2006|03:31pm]
[ mood | working ]

plsmirehyme01: need laundry and shit done
pochaccohawk48: you come back to do that?
plsmirehyme01: i dont do it, my mom does
pochaccohawk48: no joke?
pochaccohawk48: oh no!
pochaccohawk48: we need to teach you
plsmirehyme01: doesnt sound like fun
pochaccohawk48: lolol
pochaccohawk48: what if we made a game out of it
pochaccohawk48: where betting was involved
pochaccohawk48: hehe
plsmirehyme01: cool!!
pochaccohawk48: lol
plsmirehyme01: u should be a teacher
pochaccohawk48: i knew it!
plsmirehyme01: u make learning fun

lol but i am! =P

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awww...the last night kent was here...he'll be back ^^ [07 Jan 2006|03:56pm]
[ mood | rushed ]

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
mmmm......donuts x_x lol
shake that laffy taffy, that laffy taffy...WHOOAACollapse )
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forgot this one [31 Dec 2005|05:14pm]
[ mood | sad ]

Just for marni and kimmi =P hehe
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sad but happy : | [31 Dec 2005|12:51pm]
[ mood | cold ]

I'm like hyper happy but sad too so i'm not understanding myself right now :( But i'm in the mood to post random shit so here ya go!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Mittens love to write about her thoughts of cat nip ^^ tehehe silly kitty <3333 ::pet pet::
viewie!Collapse )
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finally [28 Dec 2005|05:12pm]
[ mood | working ]

put up my shelves and my sanrio stuff ^^ hooray! ^^
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Merrrrrry Christmas <33 [26 Dec 2005|12:08am]
[ mood | uncomfortable ]

This morning Christmas sucked :( My brother comes into my room and yells at me asking me for batteries just so he can take pictures of Anthony and his presents while he opens them. It's like he walks in and owns my room and just asks me for batteries and then yells at me saying G** D*****. And that pissed me off just cause it's the birth of jesus and you don't use his name in vain in front of me, especially on his birthday. I mean c'mon. Yeah your thinking whatever but that was mean :( You DO NOT come into someone's room on christmas day yelling at them for something. That's hurtful dammit >.< That fucker! So i didn't have a good christmas morning. :(

We did the whole gifts thing in the morning, inside being pissed at my brother. And i was suppose to go to sister-in-law sister's house but i didn't. I just stayed home and slept in from about 1 to 5 pm :( Then woke up all groggy :( And went to the bathroom and found a massive line of ants :( OMG >.< So i sprayed it with ant spray and left it there. And then my mom went into my bathroom for towels and didn't noticed and slipped and fell >.< holy crap that sucks :( But she's fine thank God :)

After that i went to Marissa's house to give her parents a present and her sister and had dinner here ^^ It was good :) So i'm here now about to go home :)

So for christmas: Paul Frank alarm clock, Paul Frank pouch ^^, Panini Maker<3, gift card to Ruth's Chris $30, Pochacco CD case <3 lol, small Pochacco gum dispenser, RECHARABLE BATTERIES!<333 lol, and a cell phone in process of getting heehee ^^

Thank you all <333 ^^ I love it all

Merry Christmas <3
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New [22 Dec 2005|04:26pm]
[ mood | working ]

Hair ^^ hehe
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something must have happened x_x [19 Dec 2005|03:42pm]
[ mood | sick ]

i woke up this morning feeling sick x_x like my tummy hurt hardcore x_x But it wasn't really a tummyache :( I don't know what it was. Just pain in my tummy :( Hurt like shit >.< And last night i don't know why but i was freeeeeeeeeeeeeeezing. Even though i had the heater right next to me :( So cold. Bad night of sleep or something ::shrugs:: But I feel weird. Like groggy or achey or ::shrugs:: everything hurts and it just hurts to move :( Minor headache...comes n' goes =\ Everything is all messed up today >.< I wanted to vommit :x

It might have been because i didn't eat much yesterday and then drank. But then again i didn't drink that much so who knows :( Or it could have been the panda i had, that's right people i ate a panda x_x lol j/k, Could it have been food poisioning? Orrrrr....dunno dunno dunno :(
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Feelin' [18 Dec 2005|12:51am]
[ mood | cold ]

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Can't get over it >. [17 Dec 2005|03:08am]
[ mood | sad ]

I absolutely LOVE Cinderella Man! Dammit people GO rent it! Cause i said so! lol It is SUCH a good movie. I swear to you <3 lol It's just SO GOOD! I love it so much i can't get over it. I've been watching nothing but this when i have actual time to watch TV =P hehe But it's such a good movie :( Go watch it please? ^^

Went to cheesecake factory for a drink. MANNNN...i didn't really notice it but when i drink...I GET REALLY RED! :( It's funny cause it reminds me of my daddy :( heehee It's so funny but i look terrible lol SO TERRIBLE :( Makes me not want to drink cause i look hideous x_x lol

K, sleepy time <3 I just wanted to tell you all to see this movie cause it's the best <3 And no marissa it is not cause of Crowe =P lol
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yay ^^ [16 Dec 2005|05:36pm]
[ mood | working ]

FINALS ARE OVER!! ^^ YAY! hehe ^^

Hooray ^^ Now for sleeping in and going to work x_x how great...but then i get paid for it so it's okay ^^ hehe

Things to do? Shop >.< None of that is getting done yet :( I've had no time and it sucks :( By the time i do it's already too late to go anywhere. Everything's closed :( PLUS! this christmas doesn't feel the same, kinda makes me sad. Something is different and it sucks :( I mean i haven't even put up any decoration. I ususally do put all the stuff by myself to make the living room look nice! But i haven't yet :( I think this christmas is gonna be a sad one ::sighs:: But who know, knowing myself, doing everything last minute usually works when i got all out x_x hehe =P

But i'm glad for one thing that school is over for now. It's pissing me off that i can't get the classes i want. I miss getting priority registration and getting exactly what i want >,< hehe Oh well :( whatever I got classes right? ::shrugs:: I'm taking Musicianship Skills II, Western Music Style II, Beginning Guitar, Psy class: Behavior Disorders and a Special Education class learning about Special Ed kids i think >.> i don't know hehe ^^ It's such a retarded schedule but it was all the had : ( ANGRY! ::tear::

Finally got to bowl! ^^ yay! Schools been a bitch that i haven't really gotten to go bowling like we all used to :( But last night was fun ^^ And David got to meet my friend ^^ hehe It was fun :) Then Step was there ^^ yay lol Glad she's back cause that's what makes ryan happy <3 hehe AND! I almost beat jon..damn jew! :( We tied >.< BASTARD lol j/k >.>

......Bad news...Mittens threw up this morning :( Poor baby :( Last night she was following me everywhere i went it was so cute but i guess something was wrong instead :( When i was washing my face she was on the counter on my clothes and just laying there waiting for me, then followed me into my room and then laid on the chair, when i got onto my bed to sleep she came too. She lied right next to me near my face. I closed my eyes and she pawed me twice. I thought...CUTE x_x and then she feel asleep with her hand on mine <3 hehe Sometimes during the night she meowed to get out of my room so i opened the door and i guess when i woke up the next morning Phil n' Jen told me Mittens had threw up in the living room :( Poor baby :( I gotta feed her some grass <3 :(

Back to work ::shrugs:: :(
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it looked insteresting so i entered in my LJ name.... [08 Dec 2005|05:34pm]
[ mood | worried ]

Dear Santa...

Dear Santa,

This year I've been busy!

Last week I helped prozak64 hide a body (-173 points). In February I put money in bgumble184's expired parking meter (14 points). In June I gave strider0663 a wet willie, then I took it back (-5 points). In March on a flight to Pakistan, I stole the emergency flight information card (-40 points). In October I ruled Canada as a kind and benevolent dictator (700 points).

Overall, I've been nice (496 points). For Christmas I deserve a toy train!


Write your letter to Santa! Enter your LJ username:
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dumps [06 Dec 2005|10:23pm]
[ mood | irritated ]

so i've been down in the dumps lately and i blame it on that once a month problem :( ::shrugs:: and that's the only reason why i would feel this way. At least what i can think of..unless i'm stopping myself from something else ::shrugs:: I don't know but this month...i've never been this angry before :( And i'm sorry for yelling at those that i did ._. yet i still stand my point because i'm a bitch =P lol

Hung out with david this weekend and that was really fun ^^ hehe Made me feel better ^^ thx First we went to a bar, which was my first bar ever...if you don't count harpers lol =P Had only one drink..actually only half haha Felt a lil' hot =P After that we went to Starbucks! I was dying for a gingerbread chai tea latte ^^ yay! hehe Lastly we went to Jerry's for food ^^ I had matza ball soup! It was yummy ^^ The whole night was fun ^^ hehe

Sunday i had my recital....Diiiiiidn't go as well as i thought. I was trying to calm myself down but DAMMIT...i don't know what's wrong with me but i just get SO NERVOUS! : ( My solo on clair de lune was pretty good until someone's cell phone went off and i freaked out and messed up! lol Then she sang 2 songs while i played and that didn't go as well as i thought either...it went bad! lol I was able to catch up with her but i dont know what happened. I just started looking at the notes and it just didn't make any sense to me :( it was so weird! :( GRR! And then the final piece...the duet..That went really well ^^ hehe i liked it! <3 hehe But all the people there liked how i played so that was nice of them =P hehe

::sighs:: and now school...what else can i say? It's almost done. But now i just have less time to study x_x oye! lol i gotta go shopping too :( So if you guys get crappy gifts...i'm sorry..you can blame it on school xp haha j/k ^^ Don't worry =P lol

Well imma go and start reading for finals o.o K...yay i posted =P
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